• E.S. Investment Inc. is a real estate investment firm servicing all fifty states, meeting your investment needs and Changing Your Economics.

Our Primary Services

  • Portfolio Development

    An investment portfolio is a complete analysis about a specific investment and its surrounding area and many independent investors use our investment portfolios to help locate lucrative investments. Our investment portfolios are not only specific to the particular real estate investment but can also be customized to fit a
    particular style.

  • Investment Financing

    Our loan programs range in interest rates from 9% to 15%, points from 5-7 with a minimum loan requirement of $10,000.00.

  • Investment Analysis

    Our experienced Economist work effectively to examine and assess various real estate markets in different regions to determine economic trends, earning ratios, compare various market indicators and prepare financial forecasts.

Message from the President

Thank you for your expressed interest in E.S. Investment Inc. E.S. Investment Inc. is real estate investment firm servicing clients in all fifty states. Our primary service is research, consulting and lending for the current and potential real estate investor. The consulting services we provide include (but are not limited to) locating investment opportunities, private funding, as well as our unique investment offerings.

At E.S. Investment Inc., we approach real estate investing from an economic perspective, using degree Economists, Investment Managers and trained Project Managers to prepare investment portfolios on various types of real estate investments, focusing not only on the investment property but on the surrounding economy. We offer experienced Real Estate Economists to assist our clients in their various real estate investments from lending to financial project management with the goal of ensuring our client’s investments are lucrative investments.